Benjamin Klotz

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Me šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’»

Hi šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Benjamin, 30 years old and based in Tyrol, Austria. Currently Iā€™m working at onlim as software engineer with a focus on backend and DevOps. After graduating from HTL Innsbruck where I came in contact with hardware and software side of the world I decided to fully focus on software.

The first 2 years I spent working for a web agency where I worked with PHP (Symfony, eZ Publish). Followed by a position at STI Innsbruck as a full-time Ruby (Rails) developer. Branched off from STI I moved on working for onlim where Iā€™m still employed to date.

During the whole time working as developer I was curious to learn new things, but also trying to get a detailed understanding of the technologies I use. Altough Iā€™m a big Ruby enthusiast šŸ’Žā¤ļø, Iā€™m learning more JavaScript and TypeScript combined with Node.js and NestJS to leverage it on the backend. In my spare time Iā€™m currently experimenting with Hanami and Crystal, but also keeping an eye on Rust.

Also Iā€™m a big believer in OSS and try to give back to it by either contributing or sponsoring:








Non coding ā›°ļø šŸƒ

Besides loving to learn about new technologies or gaining more in depth knowledege about already used technologies I have a big passion for sports and fitness. I love long full day hiking trips, do 2-3 runs per week and love getting more in shape after years of living a unhealthy lifestyle.

If you are interested in my sport activities consider to follow me on Strava or Instagram.